Pure Dried Vacuum Sodium Chloride – Salt Refinery

Pure Dried Vacuum Sodium Chloride

In 1973 – 74 Dominion Salt commissioned a vacuum refinery at Mount Maunganui, New Zealand to supply high purity, fine salt for food products.   In 1977 Dominion went on to develop Pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride from specifically prepared, high purity brine using the vacuum process.These premium grades meet the international standards for Pharmacopeia.

Pure Dried Vacuum Sodium Chloride

Pure Dried Vacuum Refinery
Location: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

PDV Sodium Chloride – The Salt Refinery Process

Vacuum salt is of much higher purity than solar salt (raw material) and is formed by the artificial evaporation of treated brine in a near vacuum.

The salt is first dissolved then treated to purify it.  A purpose built Steriflow filtration system pre-filters our Pharma grade brine to 3 microns prior to re-crystallisation.  We believe that this now makes our product one of the cleanest available.

The clarified brine then goes through an evaporation plant where salt crystals are formed in a super-saturated solution.  The crystals are removed in a slurry, and then dried.   Our customers tell us that the filterability of their finished product is faster and their filters last longer when using NZ Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Chloride.

Sodium Chloride Refinery

How it all began:

During 1973 – 74 Dominion commissioned a vacuum refinery at Mount Maunganui with a view to supplying high purity, fine salt for food products.

In 1977 Dominion Salt Limited went on to develop the first pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride for manufacture of intravenous solutions.

The first exports of this grade started in 1988.

The Award Winning Engineering Innovation Of Our Sodium Chloride Refinery

As demand rapidly increased for our Pure Dried Vacuum Sodium Chloride, and with the refinery operating at full capacity, Dominion Salt commissioned a major plant upgrade in 2009.  The refinery extension has enabled production to double its capacity and is now one of the most sophisticated refineries worldwide.   The design of this extension has recently won two national awards ( EECA, ACENZ), and an international award ( IChemE ) for its energy efficiency and engineering innovation.




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