Dominion Salt's Founder George Skellerup, 1881-1955

Dominion salt founder

Dominion Salt founder, George Waldemar Skellerup was born in Cobden, Victoria, Australia in 1881, the youngest son of Danish and Welsh parents.He landed in New Zealand at the age of 21 with 35 shillings in his pocket.

After working for Dunlop for a number of years, he started the Para Rubber Company in Christchurch in 1910. Skellerup’s footwear business formed in 1939. During the Second World War years chemicals for industrial processing were in short supply.

Establishing Dominion Salt

George Skellerup recognised this and in 1942, travelled to Lake Grassmere near Blenheim in New Zealand’s South Island to establish a salt industry. However it was not until 1949 that the first fifty tons of salt were hand harvested. Progress was slow in these early years with many setbacks.

Today it stands as an everlasting monument to the man whose imagination conceived the venture and whose courage and tenacity brought it to fruition.

“George Skellerup 1881-1955

Whose vision and determination established the salt industry in New Zealand.”

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Dominion Salt's Founder - George Waldemar Skellerup