The Pharmaceutical Salt/Sodium Chloride Process Flow


Pharmaceutical Sodium Chloride produced from the Southern Oceans

NZ Pharmaceutical Sodium Chloride produced at Dominion Salt is an extremely high purity certified Pure Dried Vacuum Salt (PDV) particularly suited to customers manufacturing premium salt grade products to internationally recognised pharmacopeia standards.

It is suitable for the use in the manufacture of products such as injectable dosage forms, peritoneal dialysis solutions, haemodialysis solutions and hemofiltration solutions.

Dominion Salt produce salt that is a proven, premium grade product in demand internationally within the pharmaceutical industry.

Dominion Salt – A Leading Producer Of Pyrogen Free Sodium Chloride

Dominion Salt began its production of specialised salt grades in 1977 and today is a leading supplier, exporting significant volumes of Pure Dried Vacuum Salt (PDV) to pharmaceutical companies worldwide. More info on our export page.

View The Pharmaceutical Salt/Sodium Chloride Process Flow

Manufactured from special, high purity brine using the vacuum process, our product has proven itself ideal for any applications that demand a pyrogen free (free of bacteria and bacterially-produced toxins) product.

Our product is manufactured to European, British and United States Pharmacopoeia.

Its applications includes

  • Saline drips for injection,
  • Haemodialysis,
  • Eye washes
  • Contact lens solutions

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Sodium Chloride Manufactured to European, British & United States Pharmacopoeia